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A student walks into the local Martial Arts club, fresh from watching the latest Martial Art action film. This student will be now at the mercy of the instructor. Some instructors look at this new fresh face and only see the dollar bills this student will bring in, some instructors see a potential instructor ignoring the profits.

The difference between the two students is patience, from the instructor or the student. Patience is the most important tool any student, new or experienced, can bring to their studies. A student with patience will far exceed their expectations because they will find that the techniques will progress faster than they could imagine.

Patience from an instructor will bring an average student to loftier heights. The instructor needs to have patience to train students of all skill levels, they need to instill patience in the advanced students.

Patience can be a person's greatest ally in life or their greatest adversary. Use it wisely my friends.

By Reg Snow, Mah family disciple and student of the Golden Dragons Kung-fu School.

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