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I was talking to a gentleman the other day he asked me about the tattoos on my arms. So I explained to him that they represented the Kung—fu I practiced he told me that he had always wanted to learn Kung-fu, I told that I owned a school and that he should come out and try a free class and I gave him my business card and then like normal the excuses start.

So in my 35 plus years of training and teaching Martial Arts I have heard it all from  I’m too old, I’m too it of shape, I’ll hit the gym and get into shape first, I have no time, oh I wish  I started when I was young. Oh and the best one “ Oh I Can’t do that. Those who say they can’t and those who say they can are both usually right.

Everyone can do Kung-fu and can become a better version of themselves through their training. It does not take talent to do Kung-fu tho talent does help as it comes natural but talent will only take you so far. You need the skill to be great at Kung-fu and skill is only obtained by hours and hours of beating on your craft You need to sacrifice what you are to what you will become.

So come out and join me and the rest of the Golden Dragons in our training to over better humans and amazing Kung-fu practitioners

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