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Are you constantly feeling tired, moody, down or stressed? Do you find it difficult to achieve a sustained life-energy balance? If that is the case, then you are not alone in suffering this predicament. Thousands of people are plagued by fatigue, depressed mood and levels of stress that can make it difficult to accomplish even the most simple of tasks.

WHEN CAFFEINE STOPS WORKING...CHINESE HERBS CAN HELP! For many people, coffee or other caffeinated products begin to lose their ability to stimulate energy. Those who used to take coffee or another source of caffeine every time they felt low or needed an energy boost come to find that their bodies have grown resistant to the magical powers of coffee/caffeine. And, although, for some, coffee could provide a temporary source of energy, for most, coffee could not help with mood disturbances, anxiety and excess stress. Fortunately, Chinese herbs and formulas exist to help in this regard. Full of naturally occurring energy and mood-elevating supplements and compounds, Chinese herbs can help provide more sustained energy levels, vitality and focus for the entire day. At the same time, they can help facilitate clear thinking and feelings of balanced mood without excessive stimulation.

Chinese medicine encourages avoiding regular intake of coffee, sugar or red bull to boost energy and mood as all these have harmful effects on your body in the long run. Instead, try the following Chinese herbs and formulas that are neither over-stimulating, habit-forming or inhibiting of normal bodily functions. These herbs can be taken as teas, powders or as independent patent formulas specifically designed to increase your energy levels.



Cordyceps, most commonly referred to as the “ginseng of mushrooms” is a powerful Chinese herb that has been used for centuries during illness to help the body restore itself to wellness. It has amazing capabilities to support your endurance and stamina and to engage in strenuous activities by increasing your body’s production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP); a nucleotide used as a source of energy in cellular reactions.

Cordyceps also increase the efficiency at which your body utilizes oxygen. Proper utilization of oxygen yields more energy for you and this makes Cordyceps ideal in boosting energy levels in the body.

**Important fact: The effectiveness of this herb gained worldwide attention when a couple of Chinese athletes smashed records during the 1992 Olympic Games. Authorities at the games suspected that the athletes had used performance-enhancing drugs but further testing yielded negative results on doping. The athletes later revealed that Cordyceps extracts helped them perform better. Cordyceps are definitely the real deal. (For more on this see: Cordyceps for Sports Performance: The Latest Research)


Schisandra berries are the fruits of a vine tree commonly found in Northern China and in some parts of Russia. The berries are usually taken when dried, and they can be used to make soothing herbal teas.

Shisandra berries have been used since the ancient times in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and they are considered among the 50 fundamental Chinese herbs. They are used as a restorative adaptogen that boosts the energy levels in your body, increases endurance, physical performance and immunity. With increased energy levels, moving about and engaging in your daily activities becomes easy. Wu Wei Zi promotes youthfulness and prevents early aging.

Other health benefits of Shisandra include support of healthy of blood pressure and blood sugar levels, mental performance and support of the body’s resistance to stress. All these factors make Shisandra one of the most valuable Chinese herbs. This is one of the main ingredients in Plum Dragon Herbs' Super Antioxidant Longevi-Tea.


Siberian ginseng is one of the most valuable herbs in TCM. It is valuable for its energizing as well as health-boosting benefits. Siberian ginseng contains strength-building compounds known as ginsenosides in abundance making it one of the best adaptogens on TCM. It has tonic effects on the lungs and the spleen, two organs that aid in extracting energy from the food substances we consume.

Studies also indicate that Siberian ginseng works to improve the immune system when it is consumed on a regular basis.


Yerba mate tea contains caffeine just like coffee, and, therefore, has those stimulating and energy-boosting effects that we have come to associate with coffee. The levels of caffeine in Yerba mate tea are at a natural and much less damaging level. This special herbal tea formula stimulates the brain and the entire nervous system gently and more mildly than the traditional coffee.

Yerba mate tea is, therefore, a great and healthier alternative to coffee for those exhausted by stress and those seeking a boost in their energy levels.


Reishi mushroom a powerful herb that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to “calm the spirit” and to protect the body from the effects that mental and physical stress can have on the human body over time. When consumed on a regular basis Reishi mushroom calms and the nervous system strengthens the immune system and builds your tolerance to stress and anxiety.

With all these functions, Reishi mushroom plays an important role in promoting proper health and development and this goes a long way to boost the energy levels in your body.

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